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Interior Architecture Studies For A Modern European Home

On The Boards & Design Ideas | Over the past few weeks, we shared a complete tour of a new modern European home coming to Edina, Minnesota. If you missed those posts, links are provided below.

As a follow-up, we wanted to share a glimpse into our design process.

When we design the interior architecture of a home, we're not only selecting specific finishes – tile, carpet, species of wood, stain – but also developing how the overall space comes together. We're defining tones, adjusting windows, locating casework, connecting and separating spaces with ceiling heights and patterns. We're creating special moments that string together into a memorable experience.

Our clients are very much part of this design process. After all, their stories are the foundation for our work. We start from a program but client input doesn't stop there. We study various aspects of both the interior and exterior to arrive at a solution that functions well and is inspiring. Our clients have a seat at the table through each study and often define areas they want to explore more.

Entry door materials were explored in the study above. The clients wanted a feeling of permanence and privacy at the front of the home so we moved away from glass towards wood.

We also investigated the hight of the entry door, comparing 7' doors with a transom to 9' doors.

In the living room, we studied two different styles of fireplace mantels: traditional vs contemporary.

We also studied the tone of the casework surrounding the living room fireplace. Should the casework tie into the wood beams at the ceiling? Blend into the surrounding wall? Or contrast with the volume of the room?

How much cabinet space is needed in the kitchen? Are there concerns around privacy when there's proximity to neighbors and large windows? How much does daylight change the atmosphere of a space? These are the questions we explored in the kitchen when we studied the inclusion of windows.

How many beams feel right for the ceiling height and size of the great room? What spacing ties the kitchen and living room together?

We absolutely mean it when we say 'great clients make great projects.' Client experiences and input are crucial to designing the highly functional and inspirational places where we live, work, play and visit.

Thanks for reading!


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