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Olive Street Townhomes Breaking Ground Soon

On The Boards | Our team has been making final selections for our Olive Street Townhomes project right here in Stillwater. A classic & serene color palette has been selected for the new South Hill vernacular homes and groundbreaking will be underway soon!


We were chosen by Greeley Commercial, LLC, to design their new Olive Street Townhomes. These beautiful homes will be high quality, modestly scaled, architecturally appropriate, and complementary to the existing neighborhood.

A primary goal was to have each home relate to Olive Street vertically staggering with the street, thereby offering a traditional front porch experience for each unit. The street front elevations will not be cluttered with garage doors, as we have designed them to be ìtuck-under garages" at the rear of each home.


The exterior design draws inspiration from the many 1 and 2 story vernacular-style homes that can be found throughout the city. While each home's architectural style is consistent, they are given individuality by varying porch designs, window patterns, entry locations, and color. The vertical staggering also serves to express the individual massing of each home. Overall massing is controlled by maintaining narrower front-facing gables, and incorporating cross gables and one-story shed roof forms.

These charming homes will be beautifully situated within easy walking distance to downtown Stillwater, shopping, restaurants, and the always magnificent St. Croix River!

Great clients make great projects!

Olive Street Townhomes
Olive Street Townhomes
Olive Street Townhomes


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