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An Introduction to Partner Kelley Brenner

In The Studio | Good morning! Ron here. Today, I am seizing our social media platforms as I would like to introduce you to my business partner and beautiful better half, Kelley Brenner.

Kelley has never sought the limelight, is our best-kept secret, and she is instrumental in our success. There would be no Ron Brenner Architects without her!

Kelley urged me to create a new business venture together in 2010. Those were difficult industry times, and I was risk-averse, but with her encouragement, support, and "can-do" attitude, we launched rba. We've come a long way!

Kelley, blessed with natural design abilities, sees beauty where I do not. She is a great contributor and observer of our work. If there is a proportion off, a window pattern not harmonious, or something entirely not right with a design, she sees it right away, and we work together to make it perfect.

Kelley is a thoughtful listener, seeking to understand our clients' desires and goals. She encourages others' points of view. Her ultimate goal is happy clients and happy teams! She delights in a job well done!

Kelley is wise and business-minded, which are great qualities in a studio full of designer types. Every significant decision we have made over the years has been hers, often bringing me kicking and screaming along the way.

Highly organized Kelley constantly seeks to keep me on track!

Kelley runs our Social Media department. All those pretty and creative Instagram and Facebook posts - that's her doing.

Kelley is deeply passionate about architecture. She encourages us to think outside the box and be creative and excited about designing beautiful structures.

Kelley loves laughter and conversation, and she strives to keep things light and fun in the studio.

She is as honest as the day is long, bold, and a straight-shooter.

Kelley is tidy. It looks like she doesn't even work here! Surrounding herself with art creates an environment that helps her focus on her work. She also makes sure that our studio is clean, beautiful, and welcoming for our visitors. It truly must drive her crazy, the disorderly manner I keep in my workspace.

Demonstrating appreciation and gratitude is paramount to her, and she believes saying "Thank you" is one of the most uplifting phases one can utter.

She loves learning opportunities, and she's not one to hoard knowledge.

She loves people, and if you need a friend, a cheerleader, or an advocate, she's your gal!

She has an artist's eyes and sees beauty everywhere!

Away from the studio, Kelley takes great joy in spending time with family and friends, particularly our beautiful grandchildren. She loves Life; she feels it's an honor and privilege to serve others; she loves to travel, road trips, fast cars, and photography. Thank you, Kelley. You are the driving force that propels us forward. Without you, I would not have this Life. I am Blessed.


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